Medical errors are the third most common cause of death after cardiovascular disease and cancer. To limit these risks, Biomodex offers surgeons an opportunity to practise before they operate. How? Not by practising on real patients, but on 3D prints that mimic the human anatomy. They reproduce the biomechanical properties of the body, organs and tissues, giving surgeons the impression that they are operating on their patient’s double.

A real revolution in the medtech world, Biomodex won in the ‘e-health’ category of the 2016 EDF Pulse Awards. And that was only the beginning: following its win, the French startup raised $3.6 million in the United States in April 2016, allowing it to recruit 20 talented employees and open a subsidiary in Boston. Ultimately, the 3D prints will be used both as training equipment for surgeons and for pre-operation practice.

  • $3.6M

    raised in April 2016

  • 2


    One in France and one in USA.

  • 35


Discover Biomodex team

Thomas Marchand

Co-founder, CEO and chairman

Sidarth Radjou

Co-founder, CTO

Pierre-Benoît Pirlot

Director, Product Design

Armand Dolui

Director, Research Unit

Anna Garrec

Operations Director

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