"Only 20-25% of stroke victims have the opportunity to be given a place in a rehabilitation centre," explains Gilles Kemoun, professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation. In light of this public health crisis, he decided to create AutonHome®, a connected rehabilitation programme at home for people suffering from cognitive disorders (such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease or from the effects of a stroke).  Its specific feature is that it offers personalised exercises based on augmented reality and on an innovative virtualisation of the patients' familiar environment. Although the patients are autonomous they are never alone. A health professional monitors progress remotely, may adjust the treatment and is informed of any problems.

This innovation, which will simplify the lives of many people, is the winner of the EDF Pulse Awards 2017, in the "Smart Health" category. "This award gives us the resources we need to finish the final adjustments," explains Gilles Kemoun. What next? Organise A-series fund-raising and start marketing in 2018, with the aim of allowing more than 24,000 people to benefit from the programme by 2021. A wonderful challenge!

  • 1.18M

    130,000 new stroke cases, 150,000 Parkinson sufferers and almost 900,000 Alzheimer sufferers a year

  • 24,000

    patients to be supported between now and 2021

  • Yann Jaudouin


  • Gilles Kemoun


  • Magali Mudet

    Managing Director

  • Sébastien Leroux


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