Transmission and distribution grids bring electricity to consumers, at the same time as balancing supply with demand. Achieving this balance guarantees that customers receive supplies of competitively priced electricity securely and reliably.

Balancing the electricity supply system

in France, transmission system operator, RTE carries electricity from generating plants to major industrial facilities. It also acts as the interconnector with the power grids of neighbouring countries through 50 cross-border power lines. RTE is a company managed in a total independent manner.

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In Italy, EDF Group also operates in distribution through its subsidiary company Edison that operates a number of natural gas transmission projects.

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Delivering assured distribution continuity and quality for all customers

In France, Enedis manages the distribution grid that delivers the electricity sold by all energy providers to 36 million residential, company and local authority customers. Enedis os a companys managed in a total independent manner.

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Optimize networks worldwide

The Power System and Transmission Engineering Centre

Currently working in 33 different countries, CIST matters and helps its customers deal with optimization and development in the High Voltage field.

EDF International Networks

Enhanced by 70 years of practice and innovation, EDF International Networks is in charge of developing projects of engineering, consulting and management services in the field of networks for customers worldwide.