EDF's Responsible Purchasing approach is at the heart of the Group's CSR challenges.

Responsible supplier relationships

EDF was one of the first signatories, in 2010, of the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter of Inter-enterprises Mediation, Public Procurement Mediation and CDAF (Company of Directors and Buyers of France). This charter aims to develop the relationship between customers and suppliers, thereby building, in a context of mutual trust, a lasting and balanced relationship.

The Group Procurement Division provides "a good conduct guide for those involved in the contracting process".

It restates the simple and mandatory rules that govern EDF’s relations with its suppliers.

Payment terms

In compliance with legal provisions, EDF applies a maximum payment deadline of 60 days from the invoice date. The relevant Perben law providers, from security to transport development, benefit from payment within 30 days of the invoice date.

EDF makes these payments by bank transfer and insures its supplier payment deadline obligations are respected. The practical details, deadlines and methods, are outlines in all our procurement conditions. The accounting organisation to receive invoice payment is centralised, and assures that bills are regularly received and paid within the deadlines.

Economic dependence

The Procurement Strategy Managers manage the detection, analysis and evaluation of economic dependence in suppliers or contractors for their segments, as well as the follow-up when needed.

The scope of evaluation for the dependency ratio and the assessment of the proper value of this ratio is done during public tenders. Thus, particular attention is paid to innovative SME and start-ups, to allow them to access our markets.

Reciprocal Commitments

The Responsible Procurement policy also aims to integrate sustainable development in the different steps of its contracting process – throughout the lifecycle of product or service purchased.

The reciprocal commitments between EDF and its suppliers in terms of sustainable development – social responsibility are contained in the "Sustainable Development Charter between EDF and Its Suppliers", a contractual document.

With this chart, suppliers commit to respecting the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) conventions as well as the United Nations Global Compact. They must make every effort to insure direct application by intermediaries and sub-contractors, especially in respect of the law, health and safety of employees, ethical behaviour with clients and respect of the environment.

Supplier and sub-contractor’s respect of environmental and social commitments is assessed with an evaluation system, for example:

  • audited supplier questionnaires
  • audits for the environment, hygiene and security, work time, forced labour, child labour, etc.

Key figures

In 2015, the Group Procurement Division completed 186 "Sustainable Development - Social Responsibility" evaluations from 141 self-assessing questionnaires and 45 audits based on CSR risk mapping of the procurement segments.

To send the questionnaires, the Group Procurement Division uses Acesia, the online internet platform of Afnor. This tool allows the buyers and suppliers to participate in a continuous improvement process for socially responsibility.

The Group Procurement Division also provides its buyers with a tailored guide and specific training, in order to help them manage "Sustainable Development" themes during exchanges with suppliers and contractors.

Socially Responsible Procurement

Socially responsible procurement is also an important element of our responsible procurement policy:

  • the EDF SA 2013 - 2015 agreement for equal opportunities and vocational integration of people with disabilities includes provisions relating to procurement and assistance for the adapted and protected work sectors
  • the EDF SA agreement on socially responsible sub-contracting promotes procurement from organisations whose mission is to promote the integration of young people and people excluded from the employment market, through economic activity
  • 13.7 M€
    EDF SA Group’s socially responsible purchasing in 2015

How to become a supplier?

The qualification process is designed to check a company’s ability to become a potential supplier of EDF for a given product or service.