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Our organization

The Group Procurement Division serves EDF’s different functions and entities. It also manages cooperation with the Group’s French and European subsidiaries, aimed at developing synergies and making joint invitations to tender.

It is broken down by procurement area:

  • Production and Engineering: core business purchases for the production facilities and associated engineering centres, and as part of projects aimed at developing the Group’s production capacities
  • Customer Distribution: purchase equipment for the electricity distribution grid and the associated services
  • IT and Telecommunications: procurement of IT hardware, software and services
  • Corporate goods and Services: general services, property and intellectual services
  • 12 billion €

    Invested by the Group in 2014

Our main principles

The activities of the Group Procurement Division are guided by four main principles:

  • competitive process
  • equal treatment of suppliers
  • transparency of calls for tender
  • proportionality (adaptation of the process to the type of purchase)

Our goals

The main functions of the Group Procurement Division are to:

  • ensure that suppliers’ tenders match EDF’s needs
  • accompany Group entities in defining their requirements and industrial strategies
  • implement the contracting processes while guaranteeing compliance with the Group’s regulations, ethics and values
  • promote procurement through competitive bidding
  • share and optimize supplier panels on a global level
  • manage relations with suppliers
  • assist SMBs to give them easier access to contracts

The Group Procurement Division offers its buyers a complete curriculum for training on the rules, processes, tools and buying technics through the "Procurement Professions Academy". This training resource lays out regulatory obligations issued by the European Directive framing purchasing in the energy sector as well as best practices and social responsible purchasing commitments, as defined by by the Corporate Social Responsibility charter.