The qualification process is designed to check a company’s ability to become a potential supplier of EDF for a given product or service.

EDF’s general requirements with regard to quality and sustainable development are set out in the quality and sustainable development policy document that EDF applies to its suppliers.

To become an EDF supplier, you must first complete a questionnaire about your company, products and services. The required information includes:

  • the identity of your company
  • your financial data
  • your technical and human capabilities
  • your references
  • your quality, safety, environmental, social and ethical policies
  • the characteristics of your products or services, and their compliance with the standards and specifications

This questionnaire will enable us to check that you are in fact able to meet our needs.

For some of our "core business" purchases, additional checks are needed: audits on the production sites and laboratory - or production-scale technical tests.

Under European regulations, EDF establishes "qualification systems" for some of its recurrent purchases, which are published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), in order to form a panel of approved suppliers for future tenders.