A year after moving into electricity self-consumption for residential customers and building on the success of its “Mon Soleil & Moi” offer for individual homes, EDF ENR, one of France’s leading solar energy companies, launches its collective self-consumption offer “Notre Soleil & Nous” aimed at joint-ownership associations, housing associations and all types of vertical housing groups who would like to produce and use their own electricity. This new step confirms the EDF Group’s ambition in the solar self-consumption market.

Self-consumption is winning more and more households as it means that they can produce and use their own energy. Barely a year since its launch, more than 1,700 customers have already opted for “Mon Soleil & Moi”. The average natural self-consumption rate is 60% for a solar system with an average capacity of 3kWc. This rate can reach 80% thanks to smart management solutions offered by EDF ENR and changes to electricity usage. EDF ENR owns around 12% of the self-consumption market for individual homes, and sales are continuing to rise. The original rollout target has been exceeded and the success that the offer has enjoyed could grow in the next few months with the tariff order of 10 May 2017, which introduces an investment bonus for self-consumption systems. To build on this momentum and meet the needs of private individuals living in collective housing, EDF ENR is today launching its “Notre Soleil & Nous” offer, whereby people living in a block or an eco-neighbourhood can produce their own energy on a single roof and share it thanks to a smart management solution.

With EDF ENR and several of its subsidiaries, the EDF Group is picking up the pace on its growth in the self-consumption market in France, as well as in other core markets, like Italy, Great Britain and Belgium. In France, the group offers businesses and authorities customised self-consumption solutions (advice, Operations and Maintenance, managing and optimising usage, additional supplies and financing). Supporting its clients in the rise of self-consumption and the management of energy consumption so that they can save money is a priority for the EDF Group. Alongside this, the EDF Group is investing heavily in ambitious Research and Development projects in order to prepare for developments in storage technologies as well as smart grids.

“The development of self-consumption is a significant challenge for energy transition and contributes to the advent of new decentralised consumption methods. This is an important area for development for the EDF Group, which offers its customers increasingly innovative and personalised products and services within the context of its Cap 2030 strategy”, explains Antoine Cahuzac, Senior Executive of the EDF Group in charge of EDF’s Renewable Energy Division and CEO of EDF Energies Nouvelles.

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