The EDF Group is launching its new subsidiary Agregio, in order to help electricity producers who create renewable energy and businesses who can adapt their patterns of consumption to make use of it. Thanks to Agregio clients can make optimal use of the market for electricity.

Agregio is an aggregator that targets two kinds of client: renewable energy producers (wind, solar etc.) and clients who consume electricity (industries, businesses etc.).

For electricity producers, Agregio offers made-to-measure solutions to optimise and sell their output in the markets by securing long-term income. This is greatly needed by renewable electricity producers who no longer benefit from purchase obligations. Agregio thereby contributes to the development of renewable energy by supporting producers in the markets and raising the profile of investors.

Agregio is also aimed at consumers in industry and the service sector who are prepared to reduce or shift their consumption in return for payment, depending on the needs of the electricity system.

Agregio will ultimately position itself as a local optimisation platform within the context of regional projects to optimise production and consumption in a particular area.

The Agregio team is made up of experts in the energy markets, the regulatory system and renewable energy management, as well as in forecasting and optimisation methods and algorithms.

Agregio would like to be the benchmark provider in this sector, and is aiming for a market share of 20 to 30% by 2020.

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