Results of the EDF Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting

The EDF Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting was held on 22 July 2021 behind closed doors, at the Company’s headquarters in Paris, under the chairmanship of Mr. Jean-Bernard Lévy.

The shareholders represented held 90.79% of EDF capital.

They approved the two resolutions put forward by the Board of Directors:

  • The appointment of Ms. Nathalie Collin, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive Officer in charge of General public and Digital Technology of La Poste group, as a new independent directors of the company. for 4 years.
    At the end of the General Meeting, EDF’s Board of Directors includes 50% women and 41,7% independent Directors, excluding Directors elected by the employees.
    Nathalie Collin’s biography is available within the documents of the General Meeting of the 22 July 2021, at the following address: The Biography of all members of the Board of Directors can be consulted at the following address:
  • The powers of attorney to achieve the formalities.

During the assembly, shareholders were given the opportunity to ask questions which were answered during the meeting.

The complete results of the votes, presentations as well as the retransmission of the entire Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting are provided on the EDF website

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