Areva notified the EDF Group of quality control deviations on certain rods used to manufacture fuel assemblies. The supplier is not able to demonstrate that quality control substantiating leaktightness of these rods has been properly performed.

14 out of the 2,600,000 rods installed at the French nuclear fleet are concerned by this quality control deviation:

  • 3 rods are currently in use in the Golfech 2, Flamanville 1 and Cattenom 3 reactors
  • 11 rods are not installed in the reactors

Within the framework of nuclear power plant operating procedures, the primary system chemical properties are monitored on a continuous basis so that the slightest anomaly can be detected on the fuel assembly tubes. EDF transmits all these measurement results to the Nuclear Safety Authority.
The measurements currently performed on the Golfech 2, Flamanville 1 and Cattenom 3 reactors do not require any specific measures for reactor operation in completely safe conditions.

* A nuclear reactor of 1300 MW contains 193 fuel assemblies, consisting of 264 assembly rods each.

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