EDF Energy is today announcing changes to its leadership team as it proceeds along the path of EDF Energy 2020. This is the company’s action plan to ensure that EDF Energy delivers its contribution to the EDF Group CAP2030 strategy.

Following good progress by the company on implementing the EDF Energy 2020 action plan, EDF Energy CEO Vincent de Rivaz has today announced the following changes to the Executive responsibilities for its Generation and New Nuclear Build activities:

Nuclear Development Managing Director – Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson

Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson will bring his years of experience and expertise to this newly-created role to oversee EDF Energy’s future nuclear new build development projects, Sizewell C and Bradwell B, working with EDF’s strategic partner CGN to establish a new build series programme. In addition, he will take charge of the creation of a new waste and decommissioning business for the existing AGR (advanced gas-cooled reactor) fleet. He will also bring EDF Energy’s contribution to the development of small modular reactors (SMRs).

Hinkley Point C Managing Director – Stuart Crooks

Stuart Crooks will take charge of the Hinkley Point C project now that it has entered fully into its construction phase. He moves from his very successful role as MD of the Generation business to lead the construction and delivery of the UK’s first new nuclear power station in almost a quarter of a century. Having safety as the overriding priority, he will draw on the recent project reviews to maintain control of schedule and cost risks. He will also establish the nuclear operations arrangements for Hinkley Point C building on the existing strengths of the UK operating fleet and the experiences of EPR operations from Flamanville and Taishan.

Generation Managing Director – Brian Cowell

Brian Cowell will join the EDF Energy Executive team to lead the Generation business, having been Director of Nuclear Operations for EDF Energy’s high-performing nuclear fleet. He will be responsible for all of EDF Energy’s existing nuclear, coal, gas and renewables operations. He will oversee work to identify further nuclear life extension opportunities, optimise end of AGR lives and plan for the phased closure of the coal plants. Through the EDF Energy Renewables joint venture, he will seek to develop further UK renewables capacity.

The following stakeholders have been informed of these changes which are expected to be in place by September:
Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR)
UK Government (BEIS)
China General Nuclear (CGN) – EDF strategic partners in UK new nuclear build
Centrica – minority shareholders in EDF Energy Nuclear Generation

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