EDF acknowledges the decision of the Swiss company Centrales Nucléaires en Participations SA (CNP)(1) to terminate the contract whereby it is entitled to a percentage of the energy generated by the Fessenheim nuclear power plant (Haut-Rhin), a measure open to CNP under the contractual documentation. The contract will come to an end on 31 December 2017.

EDF and CNP had signed a generation allocation contract for the Fessenheim power plant in 1971. It guaranteed CNP a supply of electricity equivalent to 15% of the energy generated by the power plant's two reactors.

EDF and CNP are also linked by a generation allocation contract in respect of the Cattenom power plant (Moselle). That contract is not affected by this decision.

The principle of generation allocation contracts is to provide partners with a percentage of the energy generated by the reactors in exchange for sharing the costs of the power plant.

The financial impact of the termination of this generation allocation contract is not significant for the Group.

(1) CNP is a Swiss consortium made up of the companies Alpiq, Axpo and BKW

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