The EDF group has won a contract to help develop the future Moscow neighbourhood of Rublyovo Arkhangelskoye. EDF will lead on the district’s energy and urban planning. This project, a first for the Group in Russia, will be a benchmark for the country when it comes to “smart cities”. It will capitalise on the experience built up by EDF in France and around the world in the field of smart, sustainable cities.

The Rublyovo Arkhangelskoye neighbourhood covers more than 460 hectares to the West of Moscow. It will house 65,000 residents in an area combining accommodation and tertiary activities. Within the context of this contract, EDF will provide innovative planning services via a platform for creating 3D simulations of energy and urban scenarios. This platform will be developed by the EDF group’s research and development department at the Eifer1 research centre based in Karlsruhe in Germany.

Optimising the consumption and local production of energy, supporting the development of electric mobility and rolling out new technologies and services to ensure the quality of life of the future residents, are at the heart of the project overseen by EDF. The Group already boasts highly regarded expertise in this area with projects in Singapore, China and France. With this contract, EDF demonstrates one more time it can develop innovative solutions to help its clients optimise their consumption and production of energy. This is in line with the Group’s strategy, Cap 2030.

This contract fits in with the broader cooperation with a number of Russian groups to promote smart energy and urban services. During the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the EDF group also signed cooperation agreement with an investment company, the RDIF, to support the growth of energy efficiency services provided by Dalkia in Russia.

Jean Bernard Lévy, the EDF group’s CEO and Chairman, announced: “I am very pleased with EDF’s success on a project that demonstrates our ambitions in energy services and smart, sustainable cities. This project consolidates EDF’s presence in Russia, a country with a high potential in which the group is already involved through its different lines of business”.

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