This package is in keeping with the dynamics created by the announcement about the Energy Union in February 2015, which EDF has also welcomed, designed to introduce more consistency in the European energy and climate policies. This demands a competitive policy working towards a low-carbon economy, in which EDF is already playing an active role.

A number of the provisions in the package published today focus on this goal:

  • further incorporating electricity produced by renewable sources in electrical systems and supporting them more effectively,
  • recognising the value of well-designed capacity mechanisms that ensure the security of the electricity supply at the lowest cost,
  • ensuring that regional cooperation between European Countries brings cost reduction.

As a European leader in the electricity market, EDF will be paying close attention to the discussions on market design that are due to begin, to make sure that the rules introduced will deliver a better long-term visibility and create a level playing field for the different market players, and all different technologies. The Group would also like producers and suppliers to work together on all the actions and procedures designed to encourage regional and European market integration.

It is also important to introduce consistency to all energy and climate policies. The package establishes a new framework for energy efficiency and renewable energy by 2030. It is important to reconcile this framework with an ambitious reform of the European system of emissions quotas, in order to achieve a significant CO2 price signal as quickly as possible. This is a vital prerequisite for low-carbon growth and related investments, which Europe needs urgently to stay competitive and achieve a successful energy transition.

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