On Monday 30 April, EDF filed a complaint for defamation with the Regional Court of Paris against the consumer association UFC Que Choisir, with an accompanying claim for damages.

This complaint follows defamatory statements contained in an article and study published on 5 April by the consumer association UFC Que Choisir.

EDF had formally challenged the accusations made against it concerning its activities on the wholesale electricity market. UFC Que Choisir did not base its allegations on any tangible evidence, relying solely on an erroneous economic argument taking no account of the reality of the wholesale market, an interconnected market that is based on the convergence between supply and demand.

In order to meet its customers' electricity requirements, EDF perpetually optimises the use of its generation fleet in close interaction with the European electricity markets. EDF operates under the constant supervision of the energy regulator, the Energy Regulatory Commission, which publishes an annual report on the operation of the markets for wholesale electricity, CO2 and natural gas.

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