On 30 April 2024 – EDF announces the submission to the Czech operator ČEZ and its project company Elektrárna Dukovany II (EDU II) of its Updated Initial Bid Supplement for the delivery of up to four new nuclear power units in the Czech Republic. This Supplement marks the last stage of the competitive process launched on 17 March 2022 for the Dukovany 5 nuclear power project, which led to the submission of EDF’s Initial Bid on 30 November 2022[1] and EDF’s Updated Bid on 30 October 2023.[2]

EDF’s Updated Initial Bid Supplement covers the supply of engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning activities for up to four (4) EPR1200 reactors at the Dukovany site (units 5 and 6), and at the Temelín site (units 3 and 4). The offer also covers the design and implementation activities for nuclear fuel and delivery of fuel assemblies for this programme.
It is the result of EDF’s longstanding support of ČEZ and EDU II in considering the advantages in terms of competitiveness and industrial synergies that would arise from a fleet approach for the extension of the Czech nuclear programme.
EDF’s Updated Initial Bid Supplement is based on the proven and complementary skills of EDF, its industrial partners and the Czech Nuclear Industry. It integrates EDF’s and its industrial partners’ experience in maximising the full potential of twin and fleet-effect. Through its proposal, EDF proposes to be the single source of supply and integration of the EPR1200 technology and its project execution, whilst relying on:

  • The know-how and industrial prowess of its subsidiary Framatome to supply the engineering studies and equipment for the nuclear steam supply system and instrumentation and control;
  • Its historical and trusted partners: GE Steam Power for the supply of the engineering studies and equipment of the conventional island, which is to be equipped with the French ArabelleTM 1000 steam turbine; and Bouygues Travaux Publics for its proven performance in nuclear new build civil works activities.

EDF’s proposal combines:

  • A generation III+ EPR1200 reactor technology, leveraging the EPR reactor family’s optimisations and experience adapted to the specificities of the Dukovany site;
  • A fully integrated proposal encompassing design, engineering, construction, commissioning (EPC) and extensive training, licensing and technical assistance to support pre-operation and operation;
  • A sound and optimised project execution strategy using EDF’s full experience in drawing benefits from a fleet approach in manufacturing, constructing and commissioning several units in a sequenced programme;
  • A proven delivery model relying on EDF as main supplier for all the necessary packages from EPC activities to Nuclear Fuel.
  • A long-term partnership approach between the French and Czech nuclear industries supported by a tailor-made Czech localisation process, enhancing economic value and skills development for the Czech Republic. To date nearly 300 Czech companies have been identified, approximately 100 have been contacted and approximately 40 have been through the main steps of EDF's proven localisation process (on-site evaluation, sending of RFQs, participation in Supplier Academy training sessions, etc.)

In this spirit, EDF is deploying a strategy based on:

  • The organisation of dedicated training sessions to familiarise Czech industrial players with EDF’s reactor technology, supplier qualification requirements and relevant codes and standards;
  • The growing activities of the EDF Nuclear Czechia branch in Prague, dedicated to the development of EDF’s nuclear activities for the Czech market with the purpose of coordinating local efforts for a successful long-term cooperation with ČEZ and the Czech industry;
  • The promotion of human capacity building and educational programmes in the field of new nuclear development and nuclear science in Czechia, notably through EDF’s sponsorship of the Czech-French Nuclear Academy, officially launched early October 2023.

EDF and its partners are fully mobilised to secure a long-lasting collaboration between the Czech and French industries for the success of the Czech new nuclear programme. By joining the growing community of EPR-based technology owners and operators, ČEZ and EDU II will not only gain unprecedented access to EDF’s world-class nuclear technology but also benefit from invaluable knowledge sharing and lessons learned in deploying and promoting the safe use of third generation nuclear technology in Europe.

Luc Rémont, Chairman and CEO of the EDF Group said: “EDF, our strategic industrial partners, and the European ecosystem of suppliers supporting this proposal are fully dedicated to ensuring the success of the Czech Republic’s new nuclear programme. By opting for a fleet approach with our European technology (EPR 1200), ČEZ and EDU II will secure a European partner committed to delivering the best technology with the best long-term benefits for the Czech industry and economy. The technological and industrial alignment between Paris and Prague that we propose holds the potential to reshape Europe’s new nuclear industry for generations to come. As the sole vendor and constructor of third-generation nuclear technology in Europe, we are steadfast in our goal of developing a larger partnership with Czechia that will serve as a template for an independent and resilient European nuclear industry. I am confident that the offer that we are submitting today sends a clear and ambitious signal to the Czech Republic emphasizing that together we will be stronger, more self-reliant, and fully dedicated to achieving net-zero emission in Europe.”