EDF marks its global ambitions to be a trusted provider of solutions and services for new nuclear projects in Europe and abroad, submitting a set of technical and commercial proposal for a new nuclear programme with EPR technology in Slovenia and also signing several key agreements with international partners during the World Nuclear Exhibition.

November 30, 2023: EDF has announced the signing of several cooperation agreements during the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) 2023 in Paris and confirms having submitted to its client-partner Gen Energija a techno-commercial proposal as part of the process launched for a new nuclear programme in Slovenia. As this year’s edition of the WNE aims to underscore the importance for the nuclear industry to mobilise the industrial and human capacity needed for nuclear technology to play its role in the fight against climate change, these signatures mark EDF’s commitment to be a leader of the emerging global nuclear renaissance. 

Highlight of the second day of the WNE, EDF submitted a set of technical and commercial proposals to support the construction of two EPR1200 units and alternatively one EPR unit in Slovenia. It was submitted to the CEO of Gen Energija, Dejan Paravan, by Luc Rémont, Chairman and CEO of EDF Group. EDF has been actively engaging in discussions with Gen Energija since 2019 in support of the Slovenian new nuclear programme. EDF welcomes the opportunity to see Slovenia join the European EPR community and believes that Slovenia has a strong potential in becoming a key country in deploying a new wave of generation 3+ nuclear reactors across Europe. Integrating the Slovenian project into the EPR fleet currently under construction by EDF in Europe represents an opportunity with mutual benefits during the entire lifetime of the future plants. It also represents long term opportunities for Slovenian industry in Europe.

Additionally, during the past two days of the WNE 2023, several industrial cooperation agreements were signed in the presence of EDF Chairman and CEO Luc Rémont, with the aim to secure the involvement of local supply chains and industries for the successful delivery of future EPR-technology-based and NUWARD SMR projects in France, in Europe and worldwide. Were signed in the following order the agreements here below:

  • Polish-French cooperation: Testimony of EDF’s ambition to be a leader of the European nuclear renaissance, the Group strongly supports the selection of EPR technology for a second Polish nuclear power plant site. In line with its longstanding efforts to further enhance its engagement with the Polish industry, the Group pursues the deepening of its relationships with the Polish industry. EDF has signed today six cooperation agreements with key Polish companies in support of the development of their skills, methods, and industrial capabilities for new nuclear project delivery. Cooperation agreements were signed with Chemar Rurociągi, EthosEnergy, Euro-Weld, Finow Polska, Hitachi Energy, and Polna.


  • Italo-French cooperation: An Italo-French Memorandum of Cooperation between EDF, GIFEN, Ansaldo Nucleare and Associazione Italiana Nucleare was signed in the presence of the Ambassador of Italy to France. The agreement aims to reinforce the cooperation between the French and Italian nuclear supply chains for the development of EPR, EPR1200 and NUWARD SMR projects in France and Europe, including potentially in Italy.


Luc Rémont, EDF Chairman and CEO said: “This year’s World Nuclear Exhibition has been an opportunity for EDF to demonstrate its clear ambition to be a leader in the global and European nuclear renaissance. Our objective is to deliver to the global community a unique set of nuclear technologies and services that we believe will be essential contributors to achieving Net-Zero. The cooperation agreements that we have secured during this event underscore our commitment to materialise our and our European partners’ nuclear ambitions into concrete projects within the coming months and years. Rightly so, EDF's proposal for the delivery of our EPR-based technology in Slovenia submitted to Gen Energija exemplifies our readiness to integrate Slovenia, like other central European partners, into the European EPR community.”