On 13 October 2021 EDF submitted a non-binding preliminary offer to the Polish government for the supply contract of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) activities for four (4) to six (6) EPR reactors in Poland, representing respectively a total installed capacity of 6.6 to 9.9 GWe across two (2) to three (3) sites.

This preliminary offer covers all key parameters of the programme such as plant configuration, industrial scheme, plans for the development of the local supply chain, cost estimate and schedule.

The offer aims at meeting the objectives of the Polish Nuclear Power Programme (PPEJ) adopted by the Polish government in October 2020. It aims at setting the principles for a Polish-French strategic partnership framework in support of Poland’s ambitious energy transition plan, aligned with the European carbon neutrality target.

This EPR-based nuclear programme would bring numerous benefits to the Polish economy, contributing to the country’s energy independence, providing electricity for at least 60 years and satisfying up to 40 % of the Polish current electricity demand. It would significantly contribute to the path towards net-zero by avoiding up to 55 million tons of CO2 emissions1 per year, thanks to a safe, reliable, dispatchable and CO2-free energy source.

The EPR-based programme would also provide significant long-term growth opportunities to the Polish industry thanks to EDF’s experience in supporting the development of local supply chains. EDF’s approach aims to embark local businesses on a significant scale, support the development of local industrial capabilities and highly qualified jobs. It is estimated that approximately 25,000 local jobs per twin of EPR could be created during the construction phase, as well as tens of thousands of indirect jobs.

Finally, the programme would benefit from significant synergies with other EPR projects across Europe, in the spirit of a long-term European partnership between the Polish and French nuclear industries.

EDF is committed to partner for the Polish Nuclear Power Programme since its inception, with the full support of the French government.

Footnotes :
(1) Estimate based on the average carbon dioxide emission for a coal-fired plant in Poland, equivalent to circa 750g CO2/KWh (source Statista.com ; Carbon intensity outlook of the power sector in Poland from 2020 to 2040)

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