13 January 2023 in Paris: During a dedicated event organised at the French Embassy in Poland and in the presence of H.E. Frédéric Billet, Ambassador of France to Poland, EDF and Respect Energy announced the signature of a Cooperation Agreement to jointly develop nuclear power projects in Poland based on NUWARD ™ SMR technology on specific sites.

This agreement marks EDF’s and Respect Energy’s firm intention to jointly proceed with the development of SMR projects in Poland and confirms the strong interest towards NUWARD™ technology which has been selected by the Respect Energy to expand its footprint in the nuclear energy field. EDF and Respect Energy will now jointly start the evaluation process of specific new greenfield sites purpose of an exclusive cooperation among themselves and continue to work on detailing the business and financing plans for this endeavour.

This partnership between EDF, the largest nuclear operator worldwide and developer of NUWARD™ SMR, and Respect Energy, a leading European operator and trader of renewable energy based in Poland, is testimony to EDF’s commitment to deploying a European nuclear strategy for new nuclear, with its SMR NUWARD™ technology supplementing its EPR family portfolio.

EDF has recently reaffirmed its offer based on the EPR technology to support the ambitions of the Polish Nuclear Power Programme to deliver up to 9GWe of nuclear output by 2043. With its EPR family portfolio (large and mid-size reactors) complemented by its NUWARD™ technology (Small Modular Reactor), EDF is able to offer and deliver a complete European offering to help decarbonise the Polish economy and enhance the country’s energy security.

Vakisasai Ramany, EDF Senior Vice-President in charge of New Nuclear Development said: “EDF is delighted to join forces with Respect Energy, a European energy market player based in Poland specialised in green energy projects. With this cooperation agreement we are moving ahead with the first European SMR project in Poland, contributing to energy sovereignty and Polish transition towards low carbon sustainable electricity production means. With our reactor portfolio, we are committed to meet the Polish civil nuclear ambitions with both large power and SMR technologies”

Sebastian Jabłoński, Chairman of Respect Energy Holding said: “Respect Energy is proud to be a part of the SMR development projects in Poland. Teaming up with EDF – world’s largest nuclear operator – will allow us to both support the energy transition in Poland as well as contribute to meet demands of safe and carbon-neutral electricity. By signing an exclusive cooperation agreement we start an ambitious project of deploying first European SMR in our country which will help us to decarbonize Polish economy and will expand our growing portfolio of zero-emission assets”.

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