On Wednesday the 27th of January, the EDF Group set up a stakeholder advisory committee. Jointly chaired by the Group's CEO, thirteen personalities from civil society will review and assess the Group's strategic directions. This multi-disciplinary gender-equal advisory committee brings together environmental and climate specialists, academics, student group representatives, consumer representatives and members of solidarity networks.

During the first session, the stakeholder advisory committee focused on goals pertaining to the Group's social responsibility commitments, which seek to implement the principles of EDF's Raison d'être that was adopted in May 2020.

Set up for a period of three years, the stakeholder advisory committee is extending the long-standing dialogue that the Group initiated with civil society through various advisory committees (sustainable-development advisory committee, scientific advisory committee).

EDF considers that its corporate social responsibility commitments form an integral part of its performance: the advisory committee will hold regular discussions with the Group's employees. Its recommendations will be addressed and an annual report on its activities will be issued.

In terms of governance, the committee will be jointly chaired by Jean-Bernard Lévy, the EDF Group's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Kalina Raskin, Director of CEEBIOS (European Centre of Excellence in Biomimetics of Senlis).

Members of EDF's stakeholder advisory committee:

  • Aurélien ACQUIER
    Professor at the ESCP Business School, joint director of the ESCP-Deloitte-Circular Economy professorship
  • Yann ALGAN
    Professor of economics at Paris IEP
  • Salomé BERLIOUX
    Chair of Chemins d'Avenir and author of Invisibles de la République
  • Nicolas BOUZOU
    Essayist specialising in economic issues
  • Christophe CASSOU
    Climatologist and CNRS researcher
  • Aminata KONÉ
    Vice-president of the Abbé Pierre Foundation
    Former director-general of the International Union for Conservation of Nature
    Paleo-climatologist, researcher at the climate and environment laboratory; co-chair of IPCC Working Group 1
  • Théo MILOCHE
    Spokesman for the youth environmental awareness group “Collectif pour un réveil écologique”
  • Kalina RASKIN
    CEO of CEEBIOS, European Centre of Excellence in Biomimetics of Senlis
  • Cécile RENOUARD
    Chair, Campus de la Transition, Head of the CODEV programme, ESSEC Business School and Professor at the Sèvres Centre
  • Laëtitia VASSEUR
    Authorised representative of an association against built-in obsolescence (HOP)
  • Paul VIALLE
    Has chaired the national institute for agronomic research, the French food safety agency, the French environmental and occupational safety agency; chaired EDF's sustainable-development advisory committee from 2012 to 2019.

Jean-Bernard Lévy, EDF Chairman and CEO: “For a corporation with EDF's level of commitment to the environment and society, it is essential to be open to challenging and diversified appraisals. The establishment of this advisory committee is a great opportunity for moving our actions forward in line with our raison d'être”.

Kalina Raskin, co-chair of the stakeholder advisory committee: “Bringing together perspectives, skills and expertise from a wide range of backgrounds is essential for meeting the unprecedented and increasingly complex societal challenges that we are facing. EDF has a major role to play in the changes that need to be made. I am absolutely convinced that this advisory committee will be an active and valuable contributor to these efforts”.

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