On 22 July 2021, TNPJVC - a joint venture owned by CGN (70%) and EDF (30%) responsible for the operation of the Taishan nuclear power plant - held a meeting of its Board of Directors. At this meeting, EDF explained its position on Taishan's No. 1 reactor following the analysis of the data provided by the operator.

Following the detection of unsealed assembly rods in reactor No. 1 of the Taishan power plant, EDF teams, who contribute their expertise and skills, analysed the data provided by the operator, particularly the data relating to the chemical composition of the primary circuit water, and assessed its consequences particularly in relation to the evolving nature of the situation.

According to the data available to EDF, the radiochemical parameters of the primary circuit water remain below the regulatory thresholds in force at the Taishan plant, thresholds which are consistent with international practices.

Analysis of the data available to EDF on fuel rod loss of sealing indicates that the situation is evolving ; as such it is being continuously monitored by the operator.

On the basis of the analyses carried out, EDF's operating procedures for the French nuclear fleet would lead EDF, in France, to shut down the reactor in order to accurately assess the situation in progress and stop its development. In Taishan, the corresponding decisions belong to TNPJVC.

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