The EDF Board of Directors meeting today has completed its work on the irreversible and inevitable closure of Fessenheim if the following conditions are definitively met:

  • the repeal of the authorization to operate the Fessenheim power plant only takes effect on the date of commissioning Flamanville 3 EPR;
  • the closure of the Fessenheim power plant is necessary in order to comply with the legal ceiling of 63.2 GW both on the date of the request for repeal and on the date of commissioning Flamanville EPR 3.

Pursuant to the law, the Board instructed the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer to issue, within the six months prior to the commissioning of the Flamanville 3 EPR, this request for repeal under the above conditions. It also authorized the Chairman to sign the compensation protocol negotiated with the State and approved by the European Commission no later than the date on which this request is addressed.
This decision of the Board, taken in full compliance with the law of 17 August 2015 on the energy transition for green growth, guarantees EDF's social interest and allows the company to pursue its missions to serve its customers in all circumstances.

Commenting on this decision, Jean-Bernard Lévy, Chairman and CEO of EDF, said: "The decision of the Board, taken in application of the law and respecting the company's social interest, enables EDF, fully committed to the energy transition, to have the nuclear fleet necessary to fulfill its obligations to supply its customers. I would like to pay tribute to the work of Fessenheim employees and service providers who operate our industrial equipment safely and with excellent performance. I assure them of the consideration I shall bring for their future in all circumstances."

As a reminder, the energy transition law caps the power generation capacity of nuclear power installed in France to 63.2 GW. As a result, the commissioning of Flamanville 3 EPR is conditioned on the shutdown, at the same date, of an equivalent generation capacity.

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