Oklima, EDF Group's newest subsidiary, is a specialist carbon offset company developed by the EDF Pulse Incubation intrapreneurship programme. With Oklima, the EDF Group completes its solutions in response to its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhances its range of services to help decarbonisation.

Oklima develops projects that contribute to carbon 'sequestration' (e.g. through afforestation operations) or to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (e.g. by helping farmers reduce the fossil fuel consumption of their agricultural machinery). In France, these projects are certified by the “Low Carbon Label”[1]. Oklima also offers "carbon credits"[2] from projects developed outside France, certified by international labels. Oklima supports its customers and the EDF Group with their strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The financial contributions from various customers to these external projects are crucial for achieving carbon neutrality on a global scale[3].

The use of carbon offsetting constitutes one of the levers of the fight for the climate, following the logic of "Measure-Avoid-Reduce-Compensate". In this context, the EDF Group supports its customers in their decarbonisation strategy by offering them a whole range of services. This starts with the measurement of their carbon footprint and the definition of a decarbonisation roadmap, a service offered by EDF’s existing subsidiary Urbanomy[4]. Oklima complements this portfolio by offering high-quality carbon contribution services, to help the EDF Group and its customers, businesses and local authorities, offset their residual emissions.


"Corporates have a key role to play in the transition to a “net zero” economy. With Oklima, we are proud to support the EDF Group in achieving its emissions-reduction targets and to support our customers in their decarbonisation strategy." said Julien Villeret, Chief Innovation Officer of the EDF Group. 

[4] Urbanomy is a strategic energy and climate consulting company, a subsidiary of the EDF Group.