The Group announces the creation of a new start-up1, Metroscope, aimed at customers in industry. Metroscope is the result of a project designed and put together by a team of young entrepreneurs from EDF’s R&D department, and thanks to the drive and support of teams from EDF Nouveaux Business. This solution has been tested and approved by EDF on its own installations.

The solution offered by Metroscope provides reliable, automatic diagnostics, immediately and with a great deal of accuracy, for an industrial installation, identifying hazards affecting its industrial process that could result in lost output, long-term damage to a component, or even the outright shutdown of the installation. This innovation does not require the addition of an extra sensor.

With Metroscope, technicians can resolve these hazards before they become actual faults affecting the plant’s productivity. This innovative solution, patented by EDF, represents a vital asset when it comes to the maintenance decisions made by an industrial company, with a significant economic impact.

To improve the way its low-carbon production facilities are run, EDF has already chosen to use the solutions offered by Metroscope. These are currently being rolled out in France in all turbine halls at its nuclear power plants, and are coming soon to its combined cycle gas turbine power plants (CCGT). Initial results are very encouraging, and significant savings are expected for the EDF group.

2018 is the year that sees the first concrete development phase for the solution offered by Metroscope. As well as EDF, other leading clients will be able to become “pilot” customers and benefit from enviable access to this technology, thus taking part in the final design of the software.

Initially, Metroscope will mainly be aimed at electricity producers. It will ultimately be marketed to a wider, more diverse range of industrial clients in a second phase, by 2019.

The EDF group is thus diversifying its solutions in the field of smart factories. This ambition is right at the heart of the digital revolution for an industry keen to support its clients as much as possible in the many changes affecting their business, how they operate and how they are organised.

Cédric Lewandowski, Group Senior Executive Vice President in charge of Innovation, Strategy and Planning explained: “We are thrilled about the creation of Metroscope, a new start-up created with the support of our R&D department and our start-up incubator, EDF Nouveaux Business. This is a concrete illustration of our commitment to innovation for the benefit of industry. With Metroscope, we are very keen to offer real support to entrepreneurial projects launched by our own employees and build sustainable, competitive ecosystems that will create new jobs.”

Henri Lafontaine, Group Senior Executive Vice President in charge of Customers, Services, and Regional Action explained: “The challenges surrounding smart factories are growing and constitute a key part of the commercial strategy we employ for our industrial clients. Metroscope is a real stethoscope for industrial sites that is bound to help them improve their industrial performance and competitivity. This innovative solution helps to enhance the range of services offered to our clients, and means that we can continue to support them now and in the years to come for their future factories”.

1 100% subsidiary of the EDF Group.

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