EDF is going to make the life easier for French people by launching IZI by EDF, its new platform offering access to day-to-day services in a few clicks of a button. From ad hoc odd jobs to larger installation or renovation projects, via support services such as remote monitoring, IZI by EDF is aimed at private individuals in their own homes or professionals – craftsmen, traders, freelancers – in their place of work.

So for whatever work they need doing, clients benefit from a commitment from IZI by EDF for a fair price, a deadline that is respected and a quality service, for maximum peace of mind in their day-to-day life.

With IZI by EDF, clients are not on their own when it comes to having work done. They can enjoy free support at every stage of their project, thanks to specialist IZI by EDF advisors, all based in France, who guarantee satisfaction with their commitment: “if the job isn’t done properly, we’ll do it again”.

It all starts at izi-by-edf.fr, with a user-friendly experience that makes it easy for the client to explain what they need and quickly find a solution for the work they want. The quote – which is immediate and free – is provided online and the work begins on the date and time chosen by the client.
More than 300 services are available now in 9 conurbations in France: Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Nice, Paris, Rennes and Toulouse. Around 10 more conurbations will be added by the end of 2019 and other services will be added to the catalogue available from IZI by EDF and its partners throughout the year.

With IZI by EDF, it’s simple:

  • Got a wall that needs painting or plugs to change? IZI by EDF offers everyday odd jobs.
  • Your bathroom needs a makeover or you’ve got some walls to insulate? IZI by EDF offers renovation work.
  • Remote monitoring, a boiler that needs servicing? IZI by EDF’s partners offer service contracts.
  • A new boiler, a solar panel, an electrical charging terminal? IZI by EDF’s partners will soon be able to offer equipment installation services.

1,000 local professionals and sole traders have already been carefully selected to join the IZI by EDF network and offer services that live up to the standards of IZI by EDF. Thanks to its partners, the platform also offers a wide range of services, such as remote monitoring solutions for example with our partner EPS. IZI by EDF also offers services sold by a number of subsidiaries of the EDF group who are leaders in their field:

  • CHAM for boiler installation and maintenance,
  • EDF ENR for solar panels and self-consumption,
  • IZIVIA for the installation of charging terminals for electric vehicles,
  • SOWEE for managing your domestic smart solutions

Welcome to IZI Solutions

In September 2018, EDF acquired the start-up Hellocasa, a leading light in the field of online odd jobs, which is now Izi Solutions. Set up in 2014, in the space of 4 years, Hellocasa carried out more than 30,000 jobs in 4 cities in France, building up a reputation for quality and efficiency that fits in with EDF's ambition to launch its own new service business. Complementing EDF's savoir-faire when it comes to quality of service, this acquisition gives the Group the opportunity to build on the digital expertise and experience built-up by the start-up, whose team now is now incorporating IZI by EDF.

Jean-Bernard Lévy, EDF's CEO and Chairman, explains :
"The launch of IZI by EDF marks an important step in the Group's business dynamics. EDF has long been inspiring trust among the French and, proud of this dedication, we are now set to conquer new markets. Quality of service, proximity and innovation are the values that are at the heart of the relationship between EDF and its clients. IZI by EDF will be a partner tha guarantees French peaople peace of mind in their home or workplace."

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