Making Europe the first CO2-neutral continent by 2050 requires decarbonising electricity and electrifying vast sectors of the economy. EDF intends to put all its effort into the European Green Deal in order to help meet this objective.

EEDF is the European leader of carbon free electricity with 90% decarbonised generation mix thanks to the synergy between renewables and increasingly flexible nuclear energy. Without EDF, CO2 emissions in Europe would be 15% higher, and the continent would be more dependent on imported fossil energy.

To be on track, the 2050 climate neutrality objective needs to be prepared with a 55% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030. This will give clarity and long term visibility to industries and citizens.

EDF outlines its commitments in support of the Green Deal in :

  • Implementing an ambitious strategy for the electrification of transport and buildings promoting sectoral integration.
  • Supporting a meaningful and predictable carbon price and, in particular, a more efficient ETS which is essential for shifting investment to more efficient and carbon neutral technology.
  • Reconciling competitiveness, innovation and sustainability through forward-looking sustainable finance and competition policy.
  • Offering consumers and citizens excellence in digital solutions and artificial intelligence while protecting their privacy.
  • Supporting all communities and sectors impacted by the energy transition with an inclusive industrial and innovation strategy, professional retraining and appropriate just transition funds

“The Green Deal is a fantastic opportunity. Decarbonised electricity can become a vector in the competitive decarbonisation of the European economy, and the EDF Group is fully mobilised to speed up this historic transition.” declared Jean-Bernard Lévy, the EDF Chairman and CEO.

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