EDF, which is in charge of electricity transmission and distribution in Corsica, and Terna, the Italian grid operator for power transmission, are working together to refurbish the SACOI2 power line between Corsica, Sardinia and Tuscany. This project, known as SACOI3, will increase and secure the power supply system between the three territories.

Listed in 2015 in Corsica's Pluriannual Energy Program and recognized by the European Union as a Project of Common Interest in 2017, the SACOI3 project meets French and Italian energy policy challenges. In particular, this project makes it possible to double Corsica's import capacity[1] and to support the strong development of renewable energies. Co-financing for the project was approved by the Italian and French regulators in January 2024.

Preliminary works will start in the 2nd quarter of 2024. The project will take five years to complete, and includes the construction of three new converter stations[2], two new power lines (underground and submarine) and reinforcement work on the existing overhead power line between Lucciana and Bonifacio.  

The tender for the construction of three converter stations in Sardinia, Corsica and Tuscany was won by the Hitachi Energy/Razel bec/Pelligrini consortium.           

Antoine Jourdain, Director of EDF SEI, commented: "EDF is proud to be working alongside Terna to strengthen the quality of power supply to Corsica, Sardinia and Tuscany. The SACOI3 project fully illustrates our objective of strengthening the power grid in non-interconnected areas to guarantee continuity and quality of supply for customers and fully support the energy transition ambitions of our territories".

[1] Replacing the SACOI2 link will enable Corsica to import 100MW (instead of the current 50MW).
[2] Converter stations convert alternating current into direct current or vice versa.