Terms in capital letters used but not defined in this notice shall have the meanings given to them in the terms and conditions of issue of the Bonds (the "Terms and Conditions").

The French State has requested the conversion into Shares of the last outstanding EDF OCEANES (ISIN FR0013534518), after the squeeze-out on 8 June 2023[1], i.e. 80,298 OCEANES.

This conversion results in the issuance of 103,504 new Shares, taking into account the Conversion/Exchange Ratio at date of 1.2890 Share per OCEANE[2]/[3]/[4].

It results in a capital increase for a total nominal amount of €51,752 and a premium for the conversion of EDF OCEANES into Shares for an amount of €825,903.68. The share capital of EDF will thus be increased from €2,084,757,544.50 to €2,084,809,296.50, consisting of 4,169,618,593 Shares with a nominal value of €0.50 each.

It allows a decrease of the bond debt for an amount of €877,657.14. The capital increase strengthens EDF's balance sheet structure and will allow, if necessary, the refinancing of part of the hydride subordinated debt.