Mobilisation and solidarity during the health crisis
Continued roll-out of Cap 2030 strategy across all business activities
Acceleration of Renewables, 2030 target upgraded
2020: Revised nuclear output target slightly exceeded
2020: Resilient EBITDA, 2020-2022 action plan on cost reduction and disposals undertaken
2021-2022: Financial targets confirmed (1)

2020 full-year results

Revenue: €69.0bn, -3.4% org. (2)
EBITDA: €16.2bn, -2.7% org. (2), +6.2% excluding COVID (3)
Net income excluding non-recurring items (4): €2.0bn, -49.1%
Net income Group share: €0.7bn, -87.4%
Net debt/EBITDA: 2.61x


Mobilisation and solidarity during the health crisis

  • Continuity of service: all critical activities ensured, specific protective measures for employees and subcontractors
  • Digital response: 70,000 employees connected remotely simultaneously
  • Solidarity: accelerated payments to suppliers and flexible payment conditions granted to SME customers in France

'Raison d'être' adopted and new climate commitments made

  • 'Raison d'être' adopted by the 2020 Shareholders' Meeting and reflected in 16 CSR commitments
  • Climate commitments broadened: increased targets on the reduction of direct and indirect CO2 emissions
  • SBTi Certification of the carbon trajectory

Renewables: strong acceleration and 2030 target upgraded

  • Substantial increase in gross capacity commissioned  (5): +2.5GW in 2020 (vs. +1.9GW in 2019)
  • Sharp increase of portfolio under construction: 8.0GW (x3 in two years)
  • Successes in solar: 2GW in the United Arab Emirates, 1.3GW in India and ~200MW in France
  • Installed renewable capacity  (6) target set to 60GW net for 2030

Nuclear: major contribution to low-carbon generation

  • France: complete reorganisation of outages schedule for maintenance owing to the health crisis backdrop
  • Flamanville 3: preparing to upgrade penetration welding works authorised by ASN (authorisation for these penetration welds upgrade still pending) and onsite reception of initial fuel assemblies following ASN and HFDS  (7) approvals
  • Hinkley Point C: main operational milestones reached, schedule and costs updated  (8)
  • Excell plan: finalisation of first deployment phase and launch of the second
  • Framatome: signing of an agreement with Rolls-Royce to acquire its Instrumentation & Control business
  • Sizewell C: UK government decision to enter talks with EDF on the funding of two new EPRs

Customers and services: success of market offers, acceleration in electric mobility, and first hydrogen contracts

  • Nearly 1 million residential electricity customers with market offers in France, up nearly 80% vs. end-2019
  • Electric mobility:
    - Over 100,000 charging points rolled out at end-2020, 10 times more than at end-2019 (Pod Point, Izivia, Dreev and Powerflex) and 5,000 smart-charging points installed by the Group
    - Izivia is the leader in public charging in France with 26% market share  (9)
  • Dalkia: key commercial achievements in the development of renewable heat networks and energy saving in all areas of activity
  • Hydrogen: first contracts awarded to Hynamics (electrolyser project in Germany and green hydrogen generation and distribution station in France)

Enedis at the heart of the energy transition

  • Linky: over 30 million smart meters rolled out, in line with the 2021 target
  • Decision by the regulator on the new TURPE 6 tariff effective from 1 August 2021 for a four-year period: stability of the remuneration model confirmed

International success

  • Construction of Nachtigal dam in Cameroon: around 37% of civil engineering work completed
  • Off-grid: development in Africa with the sale of solar kits, solar water pumps and the installation of micro-grids (more than 250,000 customers equipped by the end of 2020)

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(1) Subject to additional reinforced sanitary restrictions impacts.
(2) Organic change at comparable scope, standards and exchange rates.
(3) Estimated figures. See note 1.4. "Comparability of financial years (including consequences of the health crisis)" in the Group's audited financial statements at 31/12/2020.
(4) Net income excluding non-recurring items is not determined by IFRS. It corresponds to net income excluding non-recurring items and net changes in fair value on Energy and Commodity derivatives, excluding trading activities, and excluding net changes in fair value of debt and equity securities, net of tax.
(5) Wind and solar capacities.
(6) Renewables (including hydro capacities).
(7) French High official for Defence and security.
(8) See 27 January 2021 press release.
(9) Source: Elexent Consulting agency.

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