EDF, inventor through its R&D of the cybersecurity technology that Seclab then industrialized, historical customer in the nuclear field, and minority shareholder since 2015, is delighted with this new stage in Seclab's development. The startup's new round of financing, with a well-known cybersecurity player such as Michel Van den Berghe, and renowned partners such as Thalès, BPI (DefInvest fund) and La Banque Postale (115k fund), will help for industrial continuity. This is proof of the industrialization phase's success and demonstration of the robustness of Seclab's technology. The new round of financing also guarantees the sovereignty of Seclab's solutions, of which EDF's nuclear fleet remains a customer.

On January 11, 2024, the founder of ATHEOS, ORANGE CYBERDEFENSE and CAMPUS CYBER acquired all the shares of SECLAB from its historical shareholders: the company's founders, the EDF group and the Starquest investment fund.

With thirty years of experience in the cybersecurity market, Michel Vanden Berghe's project is to offer all types of companies or communities a simple and unassailable cybersecurity solution previously dedicated to the protection of our country's most critical assets. The company's international development is also a strategic priority. 

Three minority investors are part of the round table alongside him: the DefInvest Fund of the Ministry of the Armed Forces managed by Bpifrance, La Banque Postale's CVC, and the Thales group, guaranteeing 100% French capital. 

Based in Montpellier, SECLAB is the French leader in protocol disruption solutions, relying in particular on the segregation of network and USB flows. The company has significant references in the industrial, transport, energy and telecoms sectors. 

This transaction will allow the company to acquire new ways to continue its development and to innovate in cybersecurity solutions dedicated to Industry 4.0 and sensitive environments.

Michel Vanden Berghe remains President of the Cyber Campus.

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