The mobility orientation law (LOM) published at the end of 2019 represents a major reform of regional mobility policy in France with a simple objective: to make decarbonised transport easier to use, less expensive and cleaner. The new law requires local authorities to offer their citizens new ways of getting around in order to reduce pollution.

On 7 December 2021, the government officially published a decree on digital multimodal services ”to encourage the development of digital "Mobility as a Service" platforms (MaaS) such as MyBus and MaaSify.

EDF Pulse Ventures has just confirmed its investment in the start-up Monkey Factory, owner of MyBus and MaaSify, to respond to the surge in the number of requests from local authorities to develop MaaS solutions.

Monkey Factory: our asset to support local authorities in their efforts to switch to low-carbon mobility

According to a survey carried out by the French regions, Transdev and Ipsos at the end of 2019, 23% of the population said they would be prepared to use means of transport other than the car more often if they were offered a single ticket to get to a place using different means of transport.

A study published at the beginning of 2022 by FreeNow found that 59% of French people prefer a "super application" that combines several mobility solutions rather than several separate applications.

MONKEY FACTORY is a provider of MaaS (Mobility As A Service) solutions created in 2016 that meets these needs. It has designed and operates MyBus, a mobile software application that facilitates access to public transport, soft mobility (bikes, scooters, etc.) and/or shared transport. It is the number one application in France in terms of geographical coverage, with more than 400 traveller information networks and access to paperless tickets for 140 networks. It is also distributed on a white label basis to local authorities via the ready-to-use SaaS platform MaaSify.

What is MaaS?

Maas is a digital platform where users can access available mobility options from their smartphone: type of transport, location, journeys, timetables, fares, etc. It can be used to instantly make a travel reservation and buy a ticket.

These services have the potential to make multimodal mobility easier for everyone, thus reducing the use of private cars.