EDF Pulse Ventures has invested in italian startup Enerbrain in 2021. Giuseppe Giordano, CEO & co‑founder of Enerbrain, explains the benefits of having EDF Pulse Ventures as a shareholder.

Giuseppe Giordano, CEO & co-founder of Enerbrain

Could you describe your startup?

Enerbrain was born as a startup in 2015 from the will of four young Italians who saw the potential of developing a simple but highly innovative idea: how to improve the performance of a boiler to overcome sudden changes in temperature and guarantee an efficient and comfortable environment? From this question the path began that led to the development of Enerbrain's core solution which uses IoT and Cloud technologies to reduce the energy consumption of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), reduce CO₂ emissions and improve indoor comfort and air quality.

When, in 2021, EDF Pulse Ventures entered the capital of Enerbrain, this had already entered a second phase of development in which, as a scale up, it had just entered the international market. The 2021 investment round has allowed Enerbrain to strengthen itself in this direction, develop new business models and make significant investments in research and development. To date, the presence on the international market is consolidated; in particular, 2022-2023 led to the implementation of a major efficiency improvement project on 116 plants spread over 3 continents.

Why did you choose EDF Pulse Ventures as an investor at the time of your fundraising?

At the time of our fundraising, we chose EDF Pulse Ventures as an investor because of the wealth of knowledge and experience they bring in the field of energy transition, digitalisation and innovation.

How would you define your relationship with EDF Pulse Ventures?

Our relationship with EDF Pulse Ventures is one of mutual respect, trust and a shared vision: to make a real impact in the field of energy transition by betting on digitalisation and innovation. Since joining the EDF Pulse Ventures network, our startup has had the chance to benefit from their mentorship, advice, technical and financial partnerships that have enabled us to gain better visibility in the industry and accelerate our growth.

What are the main concrete benefits that EDF Pulse Ventures has brought to your startup?

The main concrete benefits we have experienced since partnering with EDF Pulse Ventures are increased brand recognition, access to new markets, technical and financial resources. Having them as an investor is also a great advantage to encourage other potential investors to trust us and increase the attractiveness of our project.

If you had to give one piece of advice to startups wishing to have EDF Pulse Ventures as an investor, what would it be?

Our advice to startups considering partnering with EDF Pulse Ventures is to always stay true to their own vision and purpose. It is important to show passion, dedication and innovation in whatever project you are working on, and to remember that EDF Pulse Ventures is looking for companies that are transforming the energy sector. In addition, it’s essential to have a solid business plan and a clear understanding of what you need from EDF Pulse Ventures. It is important to maintain a sustainable relationship with EDF Pulse Ventures and make sure to take the necessary steps to reach mutual goals.

Could you pick 1 advantage having EDF Pulse Ventures as an investor?

One major advantage for having EDF Pulse Ventures as an investor is that through their focus, startups can benefit from their expertise and industry know-how, which can help to bring fresh and creative ideas to the table. Furthermore, the venture capital firm provides strategic advice and has experience working with companies in the energy industry. This can give companies access to resources, collaborations and innovative solutions that they would not be able to access otherwise.

In addition, EDF Pulse Ventures has a strong network of corporate partners, which gives companies the chance to increase visibility and gain access to new markets and customers. This can be a great opportunity for businesses to increase their customer base and to gain insights into new trends in energy innovation. This can also help companies to create a competitive edge, as they can benefit from the experience and knowledge of industry leaders.