The EDF Pulse Awards: innovations to accelerate towards Net Zero

Since 2014, the EDF Pulse Awards have been rewarding those who invent the world of tomorrow by proposing innovative solutions to move towards Net Zero.

Since 2014, the EDF Pulse Awards represent:

  • 2,450

    start-up applications

  • 96

    supported start-ups

  • 35


4 categories in line with the EDF Group's raison d'être

  • Empowering the customer to take control of their decarbonisation

  • Optimising and accelerating the production and storage of carbon-free electricity

  • Developing profitable decentralised energy system

  • Developing solutions for carbon capture, utilisation and offsetting

The rewards of the EDF Pulse Awards

  • A financial prize

    Each winner will receive a financial prize of €20,000

  • Tailor-made support

    Testing a technology in our laboratories, strengthening a business model, funding a Proof of Concept (PoC), connecting with end users: all possible synergies with the EDF group will be explored.

  • A learning expedition

    all the winners will be brought together to find out more about the EDF ecosystem through meetings with innovative project leads and company management.

  • Access to the Alumni Network

    The winners will join the EDF Pulse Awards Alumni Network, which offers events, meetings, and networking opportunities.

Next step

Meet on July 18th to discover the winners of the EDF Pulse Awards 2024.

Discover the finalists 2024