One of the major problems in managing the supply-demand balance is dealing with contingencies. To meet this challenge, EDF has a number of tools at its disposal, mainly on generation but also on consumption.

The challenge is to optimise and coordinate these tools as economically as possible, while maintaining sufficient margins to cope with possible contingencies. Discover Valéry Martin's testimony, Head of the Electrical Systems and Markets Programme at EDF R&D.

EDF's R&D supports the operational teams that manage the supply/demand balance, both to ensure that this balance is as economical as possible and that it is managed with the necessary safety margins.

EDF's R&D teams carry out studies and develop tools for the operational teams on a daily basis. EDF's R&D also contributes its knowledge in various fields, such as consumption forecasting, variable production forecasting and price forecasting on the wholesale markets, but also in the field of optimisation: optimisation of the production fleet, for example.

On these subjects, R&D is involved both for France and for insular electrical systems.

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Discover the testimony of Valéry Martin, Head of the electrical systems and markets programme at EDF R&D.

The temperature decrease of 1 degree °C corresponds to an increase of electricity consumption equivalent to 2 nuclear units (in energy)