The option for the payment of the balance of the dividend in shares was widely chosen by EDF’s shareholders: 93.26% of the rights were exercised in favor of a payment in shares following the option period which took place between 6 June 2017 and 20 June 2017 included.

In accordance with article L. 232-18 of the French commercial Code and with article 25 of the Articles of Association, EDF’s General Shareholders’ Meeting of 18 May 2017 decided to pay a dividend in respect of the 2016 financial year for an amount of 0.90 euro per share with an option for the payment in shares of the Company of the outstanding balance of the dividend still to be paid, amounting to 0.40 euro per share.

The issue price of the new shares is 7.04 euro per share, equal to 90% of the average of the opening prices of the EDF shares listed on the Euronext Paris regulated market over the twenty trading days prior to 18 May 2017, date of the Combined Shareholders’ Meeting, less the amount of the balance of the dividend, rounded up to the next highest euro cent.

This transaction will result in the issuance of 145,476,587 new shares (representing approximately 5.04% of the share capital, taking into account the issuance), to be delivered and admitted for trading on Euronext Paris starting on 30 June 2017. The balance in cash to be paid to the shareholders who opted for the payment in shares amounts to around 1.18 million euros.

The new shares will be issued with immediate dividend rights and will confer the same rights (“jouissance courante”) and restrictions as existing common shares, as described in the Company’s Articles of Association and the 2016 reference document Report available on the Company’s website.

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