First quarter 2015 sales reached €22.9bn, up 7.8% vs. Q1 2014, 1.8% of which was at constant scope and exchange rates driven by good operational performance and return to normal weather conditions

Increase in nuclear output in France:

  • 118.2 TWh, up 2.9% vs. the first quarter 2014
  • 2015 target of 410 to 415 TWh confirmed

Selective developments in energy services and renewable energy

  • EDF Luminus: acquisition(1) of a majority stake in ATS SA on 24 April 2015
  • Dalkia: finalisation of the acquisition of Cesbron on 24 March 2015
  • EDF Énergies Nouvelles: development in Chile and Brazil

2015 guidance and 2018 roadmap confirmed

Jean-Bernard Lévy, the Chairman and CEO of EDF, announced: "Sales progress in the first quarter demonstrates the responsiveness and the efficient management of the nuclear facilities in France. Due to weather conditions, the nuclear facilities were in higher demand. The Group continues to grow stronger in energy services and renewable energy, via the recent acquisitions by EDF Luminus and Dalkia, and via the development of EDF Énergies Nouvelles in Chile and Brazil. In an energy sector undergoing profound change, the integrated model, the capacity to innovate, and the international presence of EDF are decisive advantages for the Group's success, now more than ever."

(1) Subject to the approval of the relevant competition authority

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