On the occasion of the World Nuclear Exhibition, EDF has signed a set of official cooperation agreements with European industrial partners. The purpose of these agreements is to secure the position of France’s nuclear decommissioning sector and to promote its international expansion. Worldwide, decommissioning is a high-potential market with more than 130 permanently shut-down reactors around the world and a projected value of more than 200 billion Euros by 2050. Having dismantled nine nuclear reactors of four different designs, EDF is internationally renowned as a leading dismantling specialist.

In signing these agreements, EDF is able to team up with industrial partners who can supplement the Group’s range of solutions with their own technologies and expertise, whilst also establishing partnerships with industrial players who have been working on similar technical matters to those encountered by the Group on its own project.

Agreements signed on the occasion of the World Nuclear Exhibition

  • A partnership agreement with VEOLIA to develop radioactive waste vitrification processes and work on the design of an industrial prototype for the reliable dismantling of graphite reactors;
  • An agreement with Orano, seeking to develop a joint range of solutions for the decommissioning of the Monju fast-breeder reactor in Japan;
  • An agreement with FORTUM, a Finnish company and a major player on Northern Europe’s energy market, seeking to develop joint decommissioning and radioactive waste management solutions on the Nordic market;
  • An agreement with the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, laying the foundations for cooperation with the decommissioning of 27 graphite (Magnox) reactors in the UK;
  • A partnership agreement with SOGIN (Società Gestione Impianti Nucleari), a state-run company in charge of decommissioning and waste management in Italy, in order to develop joint solutions;
  • An agreement with the CEA for the development of common standards and digital tools, enabling EDF to remain a step ahead in its dismantling projects and speed up the digital switchover in the decommissioning and radioactive waste management sector;
  • The acquisition of OREKA SOLUTIONS, a digital start-up company, in support of the Group’s nuclear decommissioning projects.

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