At its meeting on this day, EDF's Board of Directors decided to hold the Annual Share-holders' Meeting behind closed doors at EDF's registered office on 7 May 2020. To meet the challenges of solidarity and responsibility imposed by the current situation, EDF's Board of Directors has also decided to propose to the Shareholders' Meeting not to pay a final dividend for the 2019 financial year.

Due to the containment measures introduced by the French Government to combat the spread of the coronavirus, the Board of Directors has decided, on an exceptional basis and in accordance with Article 4 of Order no. 2020-321 dated 25 March 2020, that EDF's Annual Shareholders' Meeting will be held on 7 May 2020 at 10:00 a.m. (Paris time), behind closed doors (i.e. without the physical presence of shareholders and their proxies) at EDF's registered office.

EDF regrets not having the opportunity to meet its shareholders in person, but these measures are necessary to ensure the safety of everyone. The practical arrangements for ensuring the best possible shareholder participation are set out below.

In addition, in order to meet the imperatives of solidarity and responsibility towards all of the Company's stakeholders as necessitated by the current crisis context, the Board of Directors has decided not to propose a dividend payment for the financial year ended 31 December 2019, beyond the 2019 interim dividend in the amount of €0.15 which was paid on 17 December 2019. It will also be proposed not to apply any increase to the 2019 interim dividend for loyalty shares.

To participate in the Shareholders' Meeting: shareholders are invited to vote by post or to give a proxy to the Chairman of the Meeting, by post or electronically, prior to the Meeting. In this regard, shareholders are reminded that voting bulletins sent by post must be received by BNP Paribas Securities Services' Shareholders Meeting De-partment no later than 4 May 2020 at midnight (Paris time). Moreover, the possibility of voting online before the Shareholders' Meeting will end on Wednesday, 6 May 2020, at 3:00 p.m. (Paris time).

The procedures for voting by mail will be described in the meeting notice which will be published by EDF in the Bulletin des Annonces Légales Obligatoires on 10 April 2020, and will be available on EDF's website at the following address

The Board of Directors would also like to point out that the Shareholders' Meeting will be webcast live and will be available on EDF's website, with shareholders having the possibility of participating live by submitting questions in writing.

All information relating to the General Meeting is available on EDF's website at

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