A special relationship with academic establishments

EDF Group is eager to reveal the diversity of roles available to graduates.

EDF ambassadors (Group staff, themselves graduates) visit universities to meet with students and future graduates. These meetings are a chance to share their experience with students and tell them about the Group’s work.

Participation in campus life

Every year in France and abroad, Group employees attend over 60 graduate recruitment fairs at the establishments from which they themselves graduated, and meet with students and graduates at the EDF stand. On the day of the event, managers present the various roles available within the Group, and provide details of work placements, apprenticeship and job opportunities.

To find out which universities EDF will be visiting over the next few weeks, click here (in French).

EDF reaches out to students

In addition to graduate recruitment fairs, EDF ties close links with higher education in a range of different ways:

1. Events: Conferences, gala dinners, round tables, open days, etc. EDF staff reach out to you to tell you about their careers.

2. Funding for research and training: EDF boasts a long tradition of supporting higher education in France. The Group, in particular through the EDF Foundation, supports company chairs and advanced training that caters to industry needs.

3. Grants for deserving students: Through its Foundation, EDF provides support to students every year though grants awarded based on social and/or academic excellence criteria. Bursary recipients study selected courses approved by the company.

4. Visits to share employee expertise: Every year, hundreds of Group employees (200 in EDF R&D) visit universities as speakers or lecturers to share their knowledge, complementing academic and university teaching staff.

5. Joint creation of innovative teaching aids: EDF is an active supporter of French universities that are working to develop new teaching aids and facilities, such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).

EDF Graduates Network

Who better than university alumni to tell future graduates at their alma mater about their career? It is a great way to see into your future career and learn about the opportunities available at EDF with your qualifications.

More than 1 500 of our staff get involved in events organised in partnership with higher education establishments.