The Design Engineer develops and organizes engineering design studies from A to Z , ensuring compliance with the safety culture (rigorous quality and transparency in case of gaps) and commitment culture (meeting deadlines.

In order to stay at the forefront of the energy industry, EDF is developing numerous technical solutions. The Design Engineer is in charge of defining and proposing optimal technical solutions from a technical and economic standpoint, in his or her field of expertise (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil Engineering, etc.), in order to design products that meet the customer's requirements.

Daily tasks

  • Characterizing and incorporating customer requirements leading to the production of design studies.
  • Defining input data, interfacing with other trades.
  • Conducting technical studies themselves or supervising subcontracted studies, guaranteeing the proper application of industry codes and regulations.
  • Establishing specifications for engineering design services as necessary, and providing technical and contractual management of supplier contracts.
  • Drafting documents, in compliance with quality regulations, and leading coordination or steering meetings with suppliers.
  • Capitalizing on the knowledge gained during the design study for the benefit of subsequent studies.


  • Disciplined and organized, ability to analyze, synthesize, resolve complex scientific or technical issues.
  • Ability to put in writing the results of the project in a clear and concise manner.
  • Detail-oriented and respectful of deadlines and rules, likes teamwork while having a good level of autonomy.


We recruit young graduates as well as experienced professionals.

Master’s degree from an engineering school in the industrial field, with specialization in a technical area or a desire to expand their field of specialty.

Remember the work/study internship option when preparing for your diploma.


Design Engineer


Gross annual starting remuneration ranges from €35K to €45K, depending on diploma and professional experience.

And later on...

Access to roles in team management, expert appraisal or project management. EDF Group offers plenty of functional, geographical and intra-group career opportunities and is highly supportive on the skill development throughout training and careers pathway.