Ekoscan Integrity

Ekoscan Integrity designs, manufactures and markets non-destructive testing solutions for industry. These solutions are based on innovative measurement sensors using ultrasound technology, as well as carriers (robots) to automate and improve measurement quality. They also offer integrated inspection solutions, including the data acquisition and processing chain, in response to the needs of industry. 

Ekoscan Integrity products can be used to carry out checks to detect potential cracks and defects in assemblies (aircraft, trains, circuits or power plant components) without having to dismantle them. This saves time and money, because it reduces the amount of time that installations have to be shut down, and is particularly useful for equipment that is difficult to access. 

EDF Pulse Ventures invested in the company in 2021.

  • 2010


  • 2022

    investment by EDF Pulse Ventures

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