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There are many mobility options within the Group. There is never a dull day at EDF! Throughout their professional career, our colleagues can take on different job roles, change their field of activity, change their occupation, or move to different companies in the Group. Mobility is a valuable springboard. It can take the form of role-to-role mobility (I am changing my occupation), geographical mobility (I am changing my work location) and/or it can involve moving to a different company in the Group (EDF SA, ENEDIS, FRAMATOME, DALKIA, etc.). Or it can combine all three! In 2020, 22% of EDF SA employees opted for some form of mobility.

Key figures

  • 11 184

    cases of EDF SA internal intra-company mobility in 2022

  • 1 097

    cases of geographical mobility within EDF SA in 2022

  • 1 124

    cases in 2022 of mobility between EDF SA and other Group companies in France

The Excell plan, an example of cross-cutting career paths

In order to ensure the induction and training of new arrivals in the nuclear sector, the Excell plan has established an University of Nuclear Professions and of cross-cutting career paths in different Group entities and in the field. 

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New working methods in support of sustainable mobility

Since 2018, EDF has been trialling and offering new working arrangements that have been devised together with its employees to meet their needs, with the aim of combining quality of life and efficiency at work.

Mobility e-forums, a HR innovation

For the last two years, the EDF Group has offered its employees the opportunity of participating virtually in internal recruitment fairs. Accessible from an internet platform, over 10 internal e-forums were held in 2020, hosting an average 450 visitors who learned about occupations in the group.

Training to bolster mobility

The world is changing and new fields of expertise are emerging. To meet the needs of the Group, EDF is rolling out professional retraining programmes to help employees develop the skills of the future.

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Skills development

EDF has always placed great emphasis on training its employees.