My work-study program with EDF

My work-study program with EDF

You will discover and learn about your future occupation, and EDF has more than 5,500 mentors helping students every year. Among them is your mentor, an experienced professional who will be by your side every step of the way, all year long, who is trained to provide guidance and answer your questions, and who will help with your planning.

The Group is currently hosting over 6,700 work-study students across its entire range of specialisms in France (4,000 for the academic year 2023/2024).

Why join us?

  • Over 4,000 work-study program offers per year, open to a range of students, from those with a vocational qualification (CAP) to those with a high-school diploma plus 5-years of further studies, in our 230 specialisms across France

  • 95% likelihood of getting your qualification

  • You are given genuine assignments with real responsibilities

  • At the end of their contract, we help our work-study students with their job searches. 88% of them find a job on leaving the EDF Group, or continue their training


HappyTrainees certification

Listen to their opinions

  • 80,1 %

    of our interns and work-study students found the experience interesting, with varied and challenging assignments

  • 90,4 %

    of our interns and work-study students recommend EDF

  • 87.2 %

    of our interns and work-study students value the human relationships in their organisation