Why do your internship at EDF?

  • In order to access 230 different job roles

  • in order to have varied and challenging assignments

  • Over 90% of our interns and work-study students recommend us

  • An internship with EDF is the best way of obtaining a permanent job contract in the Group

Join us and play a part in building a carbon-neutral energy future

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EDF, one of the best-regarded companies among students

Happy Trainees Certification

For the 7th year in a row, students rank EDF among their favourite companies. EDF has been awarded Happy Trainees 2023 certification by work-study students and interns

How can I become an intern at EDF?

Applying for a course could not be simpler

Find out more about how to do an internship with us. We welcome a range of students, from those with a vocational qualification (BEP) to those with a high-school diploma plus 5-years of further studies, for both short and long courses.

Did you know?

All internships lasting more than two consecutive months come with financial support.

(Updated May 2022) The internship allowance varies from €500 to €1,300 (monthly gross income) depending on the professional qualification.

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