On EDF power generation sites, where safety is the top priority, safety engineers hold a major role.

The Safety Engineer assesses the safety status of the facilities and takes all technical, human and organizational decisions to guarantee safety and prevent from any incident arrising.

Daily tasks

  • Carrying out daily independent assessments on the level of safety of the facilities on nuclear sites;
  • Guiding and challenging all operational staff (operations, maintenance, etc.) to ensure compliance with safety requirements;
  • In deferred time, the tasks cover audits, safety analyses, and guidance support to the teams working on site;
  • Applying and updating the site's Safety Policy, particularly on incident and accident procedures;
  • Contributing to unit maintenance operations (planned reactor shutdowns) and being in charge of mainstreaming safety in the preparation and execution of major maintenance and renovation projects;
  • Ensuring proper conditions for fuel unloading and reloading;
  • Participating in the professionalization program and maintaining your skills through regular individual and team training on a simulator.



  • Discipline and method;
  • Critical thinking, analytical and diagnostic skills;
  • Ability to step back and gain perspective;
  • Interpersonal skills and ability to make proposals;
  • Strong interest in technology and field work.


  • Master’s degree in engineering from an engineering school or university;
  • First experience in a technical field or in safety.


Safety Engineer


From €35K to €45K (gross annual package) depending on diploma and professional experience (including social benefits and individual and collective variable remuneration). Additional benefits (works council activities, on-call allowances, etc.) can also be added to the overall compensation package, as well as a possibility of housing depending on availability.

And later on...

Evolution towards roles in project studies and project management. EDF Group offers plenty of functional, geographical and intra-group career opportunities and is highly supportive on the skill development throughout training and careers pathway.