The Field Engineer holds a major role in one of the nuclear specialties: mechanical, commissioning, civil, electrical, etc.

The Field Engineer is responsible for leading industrial maintenance projects, including preparation, realization, follow-up, and feedback of the works on existing EPR.

Daily tasks

  • Ensuring the preparation of activities, producing reports, adjusting the monitoring to any issues linked to subcontracted activities.
  • Defining jointly with the project contributors the contractual requirements and objectives, drawing up and managing budgets and purchase requests for the project.
  • Coordinating the operations with the other nuclear specialties in the project by ensuring the proper implementation of solutions and the follow up of the open points.
  • Monitoring the activities carried out on the field by ensuring traceability and proposing appropriate solutions.
  • Contributing to address risks and participating in the performance improvement.


  • Strong interest in field works and technology
  • Capacity to work within an industrial environment
  • Strong organization skills
  • Discipline and respect for procedures
  • Good interpersonal skills and strong leadership
  • Curiosity
  • Open-minded and pragmatic
  • Teamwork and cross-functional work


2 or 3-year degree and first experience in one of the relevant technical field.

Remember the work/study internship option when preparing for your diploma.


Chargée / Chargé d'affaires

Nuclear Field Engineer

The gross annual starting remuneration ranges from €27K to €32K depending on diploma, or higher depending on professional experience (including social benefits and individual and collective variable compensation). Additional benefits (works council activities, on-call allowances, etc.) may also be added to the overall remuneration package, as well as the possibility of housing depending on availability.

And later on...

Evolution towards roles in project studies and project management. EDF Group offers plenty of functional, geographical and intra-group career opportunities and is highly supportive on the skill development throughout training and careers pathway.