EDF staff in the voluntary sector

Thousands of EDF employees also volunteer at charities, either through EDF initiatives or with their employer’s support.

Helping EDF to support charities

  • as a sponsor or volunteer

The EDF Foundation offers its support to charities working for a fairer society. We encourage our staff to forge a link between the Foundation and the charity by telling us about their charity work and evaluating partnerships.

This teaches our staff about the charity, which they may then choose to occasionally help out by donating their time or professional skills.

  • as a professional representative during working hours

Sometimes, staff may be called upon to work on charity initiatives during their working hours. This is true, for example, of certain researchers working on particular scientific patronage contracts. It is also true of the technical experts who set off with EDF HELP on humanitarian missions to provide access to electricity.

A range of one-off initiatives are currently being tested, such as actions from EDF staff at the Cap Ampère site to stop children dropping out of school in the poor Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis, as well as in Nanterre with staff from the Shared Services Department.

Supporting a charity… with EDF?

Upon their own initiative, tens of thousands of EDF employees are involved in charity work, something that is hardly surprising given the Group’s values, its public service role, and its close ties to the communities it serves.

The biggest initiative is the Telethon, launched by an EDF employee, and which every year gets thousands of staff involved in raising money, raising €800,000 this year.

EDF Group supports such initiatives all over the country, such as in Northeast France with the “Charity Volunteer Awards”. And this is why the Foundation has this year issued a call for projects from experienced staff.

By supporting these initiatives, the Group is expressing its role as a member of our society, as well as the expertise of its staff. Everyone can do their bit !

EDF staff committed to charity

EDF recently surveyed its staff’s involvement in charity work.

  • 60% of respondents regularly donate their time.
  • 43% of respondents belong to one or more charities, and amongst them, 1/3 are managers, office staff, or administrators, and 1/3 are active members.