The cover letter

Is it compulsory to write a cover letter? No, but it is highly recommended, as it generally accompanies your CV. As the name suggests, the cover letter is a one-page document that is addressed to the recruiter, detailing your career, your career prospects, and your current job search. It should be written with care and must be customised for each job advertisement. This letter allows the recruiters to get to know you better, and provides information that may not fit into your CV. And above all, it tells us why you want to work for our company !


Get to the point

Your cover letter should be carefully drafted, with correct spelling. It should be uncluttered, easy to read, and kept to one page. Your letter reinforces in detail the key strengths set out in your CV. 3 components are recommended: • A section on you, your career, your skills, and your reasons for applying. This is where you showcase your strengths! Emphasise your achievements. Also, specify whether you are seeking an internship, a work-study programme or a job. • A section on the company (what unit, production site or EDF Group division you are applying to), the activities and duties, etc. • A section on our future working relationship, on the advantages of our collaboration, for us as well as for you.


Find out more about the EDF Group and our business

EDF is a large group with many different specialisms and numerous subsidiaries. Make sure you are aware of the unit, the division or the subsidiary that is recruiting and to which you are applying for a job. A lot of information can be found on the EDF Group's official website, as well as on the websites of the Group's subsidiaries (Enedis, Dalkia, Groupe Cham, EDF Energies Nouvelles, etc.) and production sites. We encourage you to follow and browse the EDF Group's social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube). All this content will help you understand our challenges and corporate culture. Did you know? The EDF is Recruiting website has a great deal of information on occupations and CSR commitments.


Do not go off-topic

The aim of the cover letter is to convey the reasons why you are applying for the job. Your arguments must therefore be aligned with the advertised job description. This letter should convince our recruiters of your skills, your achievements, and your understanding of the job role. If specific criteria must be met, you should prioritise them and give details. In sum, our recruiters receive several hundred applications a day, so for you to stand out, your cover letter needs to be brief and clear.

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