The EDF R&D centre in the United Kingdom has received funding from the UK government agency “Innovate UK” for implementation of the Hy4Fleets project. Led by the UK R&D Centre with the participation of EIFER and the support of Hynamics, Hy4Fleets aims to develop an assessment tool to encourage the transition of HGVs to hydrogen fuel cell technology.


To meet its 2050 zero emissions target, the UK Government wants to promote the development of low-carbon fuels, such as hydrogen, for buses and lorries.

As part of the Hy4Fleets project, the UK R&D Center and EIFER have developed an assessment tool to support decision-making and encourage the transition of HGV fleets to hydrogen. In particular, this tool fills the gap in technical and economic knowledge of the hydrogen conversion process.

The first use case conducted by the UK Center’s “Smart Customers” team was based on data collected from fleets of vehicles at the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant (buses and utility vehicles), to establish a standardised methodology. This use case was then adapted to the planning for the low-carbon construction site of Sizewell C nuclear power plant.

EDF and hydrogen

EDF Group has long been aware of the potential of decarbonised hydrogen and its advantages for the energy transition. Through its EIFER Research Institute in Germany, EDF has been investing in Research and Innovation across the entire value chain of this energy carrier for more than 15 years. In 2019, with this technological and economic feedback, the Group set up Hynamics, its subsidiary responsible for producing and marketin




05 mai 2021