Our 4 tips for successful social media accounts

Today, social media accounts have become an almost essential part of any search for a job, an internship or a work-study placement. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram are proof of this, all our job offers, internship offers, and work-study programme offers are accessible from those platforms! There are many social media platforms: the watchword is quality over quantity. It is far better to have one, well-maintained social media profile than to run several accounts that you are unable to keep updated.

#1 : Remember to update your profile

From the very outset, the wording of your biography must be persuasive and impactful. This "Description" should be short and describe you in just a few lines. The aim is to spark the interest of the recruiters and incite them to dig deeper. As for the remainder of your profile, fill in the "Training" and "Professional experience" sections in keeping with your CV. Give details of your work assignments and your successes, using key words that are tailored to the job you are seeking. Your profile or page photo should be sensible and restrained, as you are looking for a job and need to show professionalism, drive and conscientiouness.

#2 : Do not miss out on recommandations

Some social media platforms display recommendations. Your mentors or colleagues can post additions to your profile and write about job-specific or cross-cutting skills that you may have acquired while working with them in a previous job. Such recommendations are a real asset. You can decide how prominent to make these recommendations in your profile. You can also ask your peers to post recommendations.

#3 : Develop your professional network

Conduct a pre-search in relation to your career plans and target people who are working for the companies of your dreams. Start by inviting your fellow alumni because it will be easier to get in touch with them. Your network will provide you with the opportunity to present yourself and focus attention on your skills. You can also ask for advice on the interview stage and on the steps in the recruitment selection process. Your exchanges will give you a better understanding of the company, its work environment, the day-to-day working relationships, etc.

#4 : Showcase your qualities

How you present the content you are publishing on social media is equally important. Style and content go hand in hand. Your skills must stand out clearly, along with your main qualities. Like a shop window, you also need good merchandising to sell your product! If you post or share articles on social media, follow the same rule and make sure that your articles are linked to your career plans and the industry you want to join. Never forget that everything you post on social media will remain accessible in one way or another, so keep a tight rein on your e-reputation. And remember to manage the privacy settings on your personal social media!